RevoQ Queue System
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REVOPOS 3.0 Queue Management System is aimed at providing a flexible and customizable visitor or queue management system for a wide array of use cases.

It will provide Queue Masters with customizable options for the rulesets for Queue Automation such as automatic queue number alerts/reminders/calling. Users are able to enquire and get updates on queue status and other information from the Queue Master and the Queue Master is able to control the queue positioning, filters, and rules of the Queue.

It is Cloud based and interface can be run on Windows (Laptop or embedded system) or on IPad or android tablet with a local server/cloud server.
It can be used as Completely Contactless system or with add-ons of embedded systems.


1: Ticket Collection
-Scan QR/Send SMS to request Queue Ticket
-User Receive Digital Queue Ticket/Number
-(optional) User can collect ticket stub from Ticket collection Machine (applicable only for package with Ticket collection Machine)

2: Queue Calling:
-Receive SMS for call number
-Protocol Settings for Automatic SMS reminders and other notifications based on position in Queue or other Criteria
-Display called number on a Screen (applicable only for package with display)

3: Verification of number: show SMS or Slip

4: Missed number will be shown on display screen(where applicable), and can be re called up on backend management, priority can be assigned for the numbers and protocol can be set for automatically re-queue missed numbers

5: Wait time checking by sending of SMS to appointed number

6: Integration into 3rd Party Systems* subject to review